IRL “Surrogates” Surpasses 15,000 Views!

surrogatesWe are so thrilled to announce that IRL the Series Episode 2 “Surrogates” has surpassed 15,000 views on YouTube!

The episode stars a talented all-female cast including Celeste Bruno, Amanda Jane Smith, Ana Sani, Miranda Millar and Melinda Michael, written and directed by Bobby Del Rio!


Watch the Episode on YouTube now!

IRL is LA Film Awards Official Selection!

The future’s looking bright for IRL the Series! We are thrilled to announce that IRL is an official selection for the Los Angeles Film Awards!

About LA Film Awards

Los Angeles Film Awards (LAFA) is a monthly film competition for filmmakers worldwide.

Our mission is to promote films, and be another step up in the filmmakers’ careers.

Each month, our Jury will award the best films through private screenings, and make a special interview with the winner of the Best Film of the Month award.

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IRL is LA Cinefest Semi-Finalist!

We are excited to announce that IRL the Series has been chosen as a semi-finalist in the Los Angeles Cinefest Film Festival!

About LA Cinefest

The festival is organized by Mark Mos, Los Angeles based Kodak Entertainment Imaging Awarded filmmaker and Film Premieres organizer. Mark has organized premieres such as Oscar’s Awarded “Gladiator” (Russell Crowe), “Mission Impossible 2” (Tom Cruise), “Gone in 60 seconds” (Nicholas Cage, Angelina Jolie), “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” (Jim Carrey), and much more. Mark is also a filmmaker; he has master’s degree in TV and Film Production. His films were shown on film festivals in cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago or Salt Lake City and also European countries.

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We Need Your Help!

actra-awardsACTRA Toronto has a new Award and we need your help!

It’s called the ACTRA Toronto Series Ensemble Award.

Unlike the other ACTRA Toronto Awards, it’s a “Members’ Choice” award. The series ensemble award winners are selected by ACTRA members instead of a jury!

“We rehearsed for several months before we even had a story, built a project from the ground up. We are the definition of ensemble!” – Bobby Del Rio

Voting is so easy that we broke it down below in four simple steps!

How to VOTE:

  1. Visit the ACTRA Toronto Voting Page.
  2. Enter your name and ACTRA number.
  3. Choose “IRL the Series” from the “First Choice” drop down list.
  4. Press SUBMIT!

And just like that you’ve helped us get one step closer to winning the Series Ensemble Award!

Thank you from the IRL Team!

About the ACTRA Toronto Series Ensemble Award

Who is the award for?

We’re looking for ensembles that work well together, because, after all, that’s what union members do, too – work well together. You know what we’re talking about: talent, camaraderie, saying ‘yes’ to each other, having each other’s back.

We want to shine the spotlight on great Canadian ensembles. It’s another way we’re promoting and celebrating pride in our Canadian shows, shows spoken in our voice and telling our stories. In this inaugural outing, we’re concentrating on live action drama, comedy and shows for young audiences.

Which shows qualify for this award?

We’re looking for ACTRA Toronto series because – it’s an ACTRA Toronto award! It’s for web series, too. In the future, they say all our work will be on the web so let’s start recognizing great ensemble work on the web right now.

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Exclusive Interview with Producer Stephanie Baird


Stephanie Baird is an actress slash producer that hails from the small town of Erin, Ontario. She graduated from Randolph Academy (RAPA), where she spent two years acting, singing, and dancing her way to a diploma. Since graduating, Stephanie has performed all over Southern Ontario in various theatre venues. Including: The Mohawk Racetrack Dinner Theatre, Storefront Theatre and toured with the Improv group “Only the Weak”.

Stephanie began producing films in 2014 and now has 9 producing credits under her belt. Including: My Roommate’s an Escort, 77 Days, Reservation, Politics, The Hotel Room and IRL the Series. Her films have appeared at numerous film festivals including-: Reelworld Film Festival, Toronto International Short Film Festival, Hamilton Film Festival, Toronto Independent Film Festival and even TIFF Kids International Film Festival (back in the day).


I have been working in the film industry in various roles for just over 10 years. However, I started producing on a more serious level in December of 2014.


The last few years have been a bit of a whirlwind for me. Because I’ve produced an average of 4 film projects per year. Which I think is a major highlight in of itself! Each of these projects have been very valuable to me in their own way.

But if I had to pick, at the beginning of the year. I made a goal that I wanted to produce a web series. I now have two web series on the go.: IRL the Series (which I co-produced with the amazing Kristina Esposito, Mariah Owen and Amanda Jane Smith and can been seen online) and My Roommate’s an Escort (which will be released at the beginning of 2017)!

Both of the projects are very unique in their writing, casting and presentation and I’ve very proud of both of them.

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IRL the Series at Second City TO

IRL the Series is teaming up with Second City Toronto!

Second City Toronto has generously offered IRL the Series a fantastic opportunity to promote our show!! We will be performing improv with some of the IRL cast to show the audience how we built our little television series from the ground up.

Confirmed IRL cast members performing: Alexander Wong, Clara Pasieka, Barbara de la Fuente, Tony Babcock and Sydney Van Delft. With creator / showrunner Bobby Del Rio directing live on stage.

You can also expect an episode screening from our show!

Get your tickets now! You don’t want to miss this!

Click here for more event details.

EP 21 of Off White Podcast with IRL the Series!

New episode of Off White Podcast with Dino-Ray Ramos is up with Bobby Del Rio, Stephanie Baird, Alexander Wong, Ana Sani from IRL the Series.

Listen and enjoy our late night conversation about the SHOCKING premiere of The Walking Dead, Marvel’s Jessica Jones, the Biebs, Drake, and most importantly, Nickelback.

Listen to the episode here:
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