About the Creator

Bobby Del Rio
Creator and Showrunner of IRL

Bobby is best known as the writer/director of the feature film The Market. The film was called “cinematic brilliance” by the Jagran Film Festival in India, and toured the country in cities like New Delhi, Mumbai and Lucknow. It also screened in Italy at the Social Machinery Film Festival. It was based on Bobby’s original play of the same name.

With a 20-career as an actor, playwright, screenwriter, director and producer, IRL is the culmination of all of Bobby’s varied skills/experiences in the industry.

In his long career, Bobby has:

  • Been the subject of a 30-minute documentary that aired nationally across Canada on Bravo!;
  • Beaten out playwrights across North America for a playwriting showcase in New York City;
  • Been the star of a short film that premiered at TIFF;
  • Became a published playwright at the age of 24;
  • Had several short films as writer/director play at film festivals all around the world;
  • Been hired to co-write a feature film with U.S. stars attached;
  • Appeared on the cover of Toronto’s NOW Magazine.

In addition to many credits in film/television as an actor, Bobby will be playing a recurring character in several episodes of Katie Uhlmann & Trish Rainone’s web series My Roommate’s An Escort.

With a feature film currently playing at film festivals around the world, 10 other short films as writer/director doing the same thing, several acting projects about to shoot and his web series IRL (In Real Life) airing on Bell Media’s FibeTV1 for television broadcast, Bobby is enjoying a varied (and busy!) career in the entertainment industry.