We Need Your Help!

actra-awardsACTRA Toronto has a new Award and we need your help!

It’s called the ACTRA Toronto Series Ensemble Award.

Unlike the other ACTRA Toronto Awards, it’s a “Members’ Choice” award. The series ensemble award winners are selected by ACTRA members instead of a jury!

“We rehearsed for several months before we even had a story, built a project from the ground up. We are the definition of ensemble!” – Bobby Del Rio

Voting is so easy that we broke it down below in four simple steps!

How to VOTE:

  1. Visit the ACTRA Toronto Voting Page.
  2. Enter your name and ACTRA number.
  3. Choose “IRL the Series” from the “First Choice” drop down list.
  4. Press SUBMIT!

And just like that you’ve helped us get one step closer to winning the Series Ensemble Award!

Thank you from the IRL Team!

About the ACTRA Toronto Series Ensemble Award

Who is the award for?

We’re looking for ensembles that work well together, because, after all, that’s what union members do, too – work well together. You know what we’re talking about: talent, camaraderie, saying ‘yes’ to each other, having each other’s back.

We want to shine the spotlight on great Canadian ensembles. It’s another way we’re promoting and celebrating pride in our Canadian shows, shows spoken in our voice and telling our stories. In this inaugural outing, we’re concentrating on live action drama, comedy and shows for young audiences.

Which shows qualify for this award?

We’re looking for ACTRA Toronto series because – it’s an ACTRA Toronto award! It’s for web series, too. In the future, they say all our work will be on the web so let’s start recognizing great ensemble work on the web right now.

Learn more at ACTRAtoronto.com



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