IRL the Series Airs on Bell Fibe TV

IRL the Series Launches Online!

IRL: When Society Takes a Selfie

TORONTO, ON— October 24th, 2016 — In Real Life (also known as IRL: The Series) is a new web series created by Bobby Del Rio. It explores the intersection of social media culture and contemporary life through twelve 5 – 8 minute episodes. The episodes are presented in an anthology format: each with a unique genre, style, tone and point of view. They cover relevant topics that resonate with a wide range of viewers such as: online infidelity, cyberbullying, augmented personas and more.

“Social media is all of us,” says Del Rio, “the stories that we’re telling in the series [are] all of our stories.” The series first aired on television (Bell Fibe TV1) with positive feedback from the network before releasing to viewers online.


Bobby Del Rio is best known as the writer and director of the feature film The Market: based on Del Rio’s original play of the same name. The film was called “cinematic brilliance” by the Jagran Film Festival in India and screened in Italy at the Social Machinery Film Festival.  With a 20-year career as an actor, playwright, screenwriter, director and producer, IRL is the culmination of all of Del Rio’s varied skills and experiences in the industry.


Bobby Del Rio initiated IRL: The Series by posting in a Facebook group stating he wanted to create a new piece of work and would employ anyone who wanted to be a part of it. “I literally thought that we were going to have maybe five or ten people say ‘cool, let’s shoot a short film…” says Del Rio, “and then 65 people signed up in 36 hours!” At that moment, the IRL collective was born.

As the project evolved, several months of improvisation rehearsals lead to a very strong ensemble of actors who trusted and supported each other. These months of work were distilled into several blocks of story ideas. Once the story ideas were whittled down to a larger narrative, the IRL Indiegogo campaign was launched. “Not only did we hit our goal, we went a few thousand dollars OVER our goal – and generated the interest of Bell Media to acquire us for television broadcast.”

A positive quality which makes IRL unique is its extremely diverse cast and writing room. “Our major Canadian cities are very cosmopolitan,” says Alexander Wong (who plays Alex in IRL), “Having diverse voices both behind and in front of the camera would be an accurate representation of our society.”

With women, visible minorities and LGBTQ+ individuals accounting for 100% of the IRL writing room, Del Rio doesn’t have to work hard to prove his commitment to diversity. The IRL cast also consists of almost 90% women, visible minorities and LGBTQ+ individuals.

For those who have already watched the series on Bell Fibe TV1, not to worry. Del Rio reveals, “We will also have web-only surprises on the way too. So don’t get too comfortable: When you least expect it, we may change something up on you.



Official Website:

Official YouTube Channel: IRL The Series

Fibe TV1: In Real Life

follow the series:

Facebook: /IRLtheSeries

Twitter: @IRtheSeries

Instagram: @IRLtheSeries


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