Inside The Chaos: Meet Miranda Millar – Canadian Star

Author: Kierston Drier

Miranda Millar is no stranger to the screen, so when I got the chance to meet with her and chat over her new film, Perfect, I knew I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. I sat down with this gorgeous Canadian starlet over coffee this week to hear about her newest dance with cinema.. It is easy to love Miranda, she’s effervescent and charming and remarkably easy to talk to, so it felt completely natural to dive right into her life in the world of stage and screen.

Of you have watched any renown Canadian television, you have certainly seen Millar, she has appeared in the well-loved series Murdoch Mysteries, and feature length Christmas Incorporated. Millar herself has been acting since the age of the three. Performance, as it would seem, is in her blood. For over 20 years, her actor/writer/director parents have managed It’s A Mystery To Me, a theatre company they established themselves. But let’s not get caught up in her past, her present is equally exciting.

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