IRL the Series - Franck Fon

Catching Up With Franck From ‘IRL’

by Charlie Robert

“IRL (In Real Life): the Series” has completed its filming, and while we learned quite a bit about this upcoming series focused on social media from cast members Tony Babcock and Sydney Van Delft in earlier interviews, there is still much to be discovered. As such, I had the opportunity to sit down with another cast mate of the upcoming series, Franck Fon, to dig out a little bit more information on the show.

Franck, so happy you could join me! To start things off, would you be willing to talk a little about your prior acting experience?

I received a joint venture co-op certificate at Humber College for film and television. Before that I did a lot of stage productions in high school at George Harvey Collegiate Institute. We put on productions for over 40 schools in Ontario. I’ve also done a lot of Shakespeare productions as well. Since graduating high school however, I’ve moved more towards on-camera work and have had the opportunity to train with Sophie Ann Rooney, Michael Gordin Shore, and I also did one-on-one training with Lewis Baumander. I’ve also done a lot of improv at The Second City.

With your improv training, I guess IRL was a natural project for you to work on, but how & why did you get involved with this endeavor?

The Second City came after IRL actually, but the improv work we did in preparing for IRL definitely inspired me to move towards The Second City. I actually got involved with IRL because I was at point where I wanted to create work with friends and colleges, so when the showrunner Bobby Del Rio shared his project online, I was immediately interested. We basically worked on improv scenes for about 5 months. I also knew some people who were involved in the show, and it was great being able to reconnect with some old friends through IRL.

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