Chatting with Sydney Van Delft

by Charlie Robert

Summer is fast approaching and that means “IRL (In Real Life): the Series” is that much closer to appearing on your screens across Canada. With hype behind the show building up, I had the chance to sit down with the multi-talented Sydney Van Delft and talk about her part in the upcoming series, focused on Social Media and its impact on our lives.

Great to have you Sydney! Before we start talking about the series, I was hoping you could tell me about your training and work in ‘the industry’ so far?

Thanks Charles, ya for sure! I trained at the National Ballet School and I sort of started acting there in productions with the National Ballet of Canada when I was young. After that, I did guest spots on TV Series’ such as Life With Derek, The Latest Buzz, Degrassi and some films. I then took a few years off to go to school and complete my business degree. I got back into acting about a year ago and have been fortunate to have been busy working in musical theatre, touring to China, doing a guest spot on the TV Series Reign (CW), working on some independent films and continuing to audition and work hard in acting class.

In your own words, what does IRL (The Series) mean to you and how did you become involved in the project?

To me, IRL is a group of passionate, hard working people who have come together to tell stories that are really relevant and important in today’s society. I got involved in IRL when I met our showrunner, Bobby Del Rio. He came to a performance I was in of American Idiot at the Lower Ossington Theatre. He had some extra time and wanted to create work with other performers in the community. I started attending the “IRL (In Real Life): The Series” rehearsals, which were going on twice a week and I really enjoyed it… and eventually I got cast as a lead in the series!

Could you talk a little about your role or the kind of role(s) you will be playing in this series?

My character’s story arc is a really difficult and emotional one. I play a teenager who is a victim of bullying. I am also dancing and singing in the episode so her story will be told in many different ways.

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