In Real Life: The Series Explores the Effects of Social Media

By: The Daily Fandom

Some say that, even though social media has helped us be more connected to each other than ever, it has also made us lonelier than we have ever been. It’s an interesting paradox, which is why In Real Life: The Series promises to be “one of the most thoughtful, multifaceted and process-oriented web series in the world”.

Created by filmmaker, writer and actor Bobby del Rio, In Real Life will explore “the intersection of social media with contemporary life” and the effects it has on our lives. When studying social media and its effects, some of the topics that will be tackled include “alienation, fidelity and online bullying”.

An IndieGogo campaign was run to support the series. Their goal was not only achieved, but surpassed, in November 2015. The series will come out on Canada’s Bell Media’s FibeTV1 in 2016 and each episode will work as a stand alone story, but when watching all of them together, they will create a larger narrative.

Their Youtube channel already contains a few videos featuring some of the cast and crew talking about the series:


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